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A game made for the week-long MFGG Fangame Jam,  with post-Jam patches for some bugs and a new sidequest. After the events of Majora's Mask, Link journeys into the outskirts of Hyrule and stumbles upon the Peahat Pub, where he finds out the residents have been stuck in a rain storm for the past 2,000 days.

Movement = Arrow Keys
Sword/Interact = Z
Bow = A
Bombs - S


Lead Director, Spritework - Toony

Lead Environment Design, Spritework - sooshy

Programmer - Snarf

Additional Spritework, Dungeon Tileset - zXspriter

Animator, Spritework, Promotional Artwork - Gaem


EternalRain.zip 96 MB


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Thank you for a nice ride! I've had a lot of fun. Loved the graphical style and animations + pretty nice side-quest. Overall - your work is amazing! 

The only issue I've had - the game was running in a small window for some reason. But it was as playing on the GameBoy, so I completed it anyway:)

Hi I've just recently played the game. I found a few issues. The Esc. key and Enter seem to pause the game but the menu option didn't seem to show up (then again I'm unsure if this is intentional). (This is more of a puzzle issue, I might be in the wrong here) I couldn't use the bow with the A key (I'm not sure if this is intentional but I couldn't get pass the enemies inside the frog mouth with the sword and fire, I tried getting the bomb but my rupees weren't enough, I also tried parrying to see if the projectiles bounced back, but that also didn't seem to work).  Those are the things I've noticed so far. Now to the more positive things I have to say,  the game perfectly captures the zelda feel of a link to the past, the artwork and sprite work is good though I find the tree and grass' thick outline a bit off when put against the mostly lineless tiles. Link's sprite work looks clean, moves smoothly and nostalgic whilst being different due to the game's more doodlish art style. It plays great, albeit with some bugs such as Link respawning in the pit and entering and leaving rooms delay.  I love the UI design (simple but clean). Overall the game's core mechanics and aesthethic are solid, but some of the basic game mechanics can be added, such as an option menu.

My specs: Windows 10, Intel i5, 16GB of RAM

This is my first review so feel free to criticize me if you have a different experience.

how u select on the menu screen

creo que me gustaria pero cuando entro no puedo elejir que hacer le doy a enter y no responde.

Nintendo couldn't do this

nice game, really liked the art